✔ Easy use and quick installaton
✔ High fow rate up to 30 L/min
✔ Pressure up to 8 bar
✔ RS 485 as standard
✔ Purity:
< 0.05 ppm THC
< 0.1 ppm CO NOx SO2
< 5 ppm CO2
✔ No maintenance
✔ Reduced foot print
✔ Compatble with HG BASIC and HG PRO


The AirGen series ZA-TOTAL is able to remove
the total hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm
from the external compressed Air. It is also able
to remove other pollutant like Humidity, CO2,
CO, NOx, SO2 and Hydrocarbons. Very small in
size, the ZA-TOTAL can flter up to 30 L/min of
compressed Air and can withstand a pressure up
to 8 bar (115 PSI).

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