ZA FID AirZero Air generator



The AirGen series ZA FID Air is able to remove thetotal hydrocarbons to less than 0.05 ppm from theexternal compressed Air. Very compact, the ZAFID Air can purify up to 15 L/min of compressedAir and can bear a pressure up to 7 bar (101 PSI).The filtration of the hydrocarbons is performed byusing a catalytic oven filled with palladium. Thereduction of hydrocarbons, including methane,and carbon monoxide decrease the backgroundnoise level and gives much better baselinestability, considerably increasing detectorsensitivity and ensuring precise analytical results.High efficiency coalescing pre-filtration and postfiltration of particulate size greater than 0.01microns are used to prevent any kind of particlesfrom entering the analytical device. The ZA FID Airhas a very simple and efficient interface. It canalso can be managed by the HydroGen series HGPRO and HG BASIC and is ideal to supplyHydrocarbon free Air to FID detectors.

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