NG EOLOUltra High purity Nitrogen generatorThe



The High purity NitroGen series NG EOLO produce laboratory high grade nitrogen for most of the laboratory applications and equipment. Designed with safety and convenience in mind, this system generates purified nitrogen, eliminating the need for inconvenient cumbersome high-pressure gas cylinders. The HG EOLO removes oxygen from air to less than 10 ppm and HC pollutants to less than 0.1p pm (if the optional scrubber is installed, F models). The typical flows are: 500 Nml/min,750 Nml/min, 1400 Nml/min and 4000Nml/min. The NG EOLO is available with a smart low noise scroll compressor or can be used with an external compressed air source.The Ultra Pure Nitrogen is mainly used to feed ICP, ELSD, GC, FTIR and is ideal as nitrogen gas supply for all kind of Laboratory and Chromatography applications.

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