NG CASTORE PROMembrane Nitrogen generatorelectronic controlled



The NitroGen series CASTORE PRO areMembrane Nitrogen Generators. They areengineered to transform standard compressedair into a safe, regulated supply of Nitrogen witha purity up to 99.5%. An optional channel canprovide up to 45 L/min of compressed, dry andregulatedair.The exclusive electronic flow control allows togenerate Nitrogen with a higher purity using asmaller volume of air which results in reducedenergy costs and maintenance of any externalcompressor. Continuous control of the operatingparameters allows to maintain the system at itsmaximum efficiency.The CASTORE PRO with it’s dual Nitrogen and Airoutlets has been developed to meet specificrequirements in term of gas, flow, purity andpressure in LC-MS applications. It can be usedfor the evaporation of solvents in samples beinganalysed.

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